We produce high-quality garments using only the best and most sustainable fibers.

Attention to detail
for a perfect finish

For generations we have been manufacturing garments using only the best materials with a focus on craftsmanship and precision.

Expertly designed and made of luxurious staple fibers, our garments are finished to perfection and delivered.

Timeless style meets expertise


We combine the best natural materials our world has to offer with three generations of expertise to produce the highest quality shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.


Our expertise lies in producing jersey, pique, jacquard and terry fabrics for use in shirting, casualwear and suiting.

Development Services

Our team of product developers allows our clients to leverage decades of garment making experience to develop the finest quality product.

  • Design & Pattern Making
  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Printing & Embroidery

Dedicated to heritage,

driven by innovation


We only work with natural fibres from reputable sources. We believe that natural yarns have a minimal impact on the environment both during their production and in their afterlife due to their fast bio-degradation. This means we don’t use or condone the use of petroleum based synthetic yarns such as polyester, acrylic and nylon.